gregg mcgough

Photographic expression is a powerful thing. It starts with vision, looking beyond and reaching out, in order to capture something really special.

Every picture tells a story. The right moment can last forever. Don’t you think?

I like to call what I do PhotoGraphic. Photo: in homage to the greats, Photography Masters that I have such reverence for their magic, and Graphic: in respect for a proud career I’ve had as an successful Advertising Art Director and Creative Director, where I learned that it’s not about taking pictures. It’s about creating emotions. And like any “good ad guy”, I like to bend rules.

There’s another item I like to see in my work, and that’s a sense of spontaneity. I’m a big fan of street fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham, who would ride his old bike through NYC, right up to his passing in 2016 at 87 years, shooting for the love of the image, nothing more. You can see that appreciation in my “On the streets” section.

The ad background has given me a strong understanding of what makes great images work. Like in a great print ad, it’s not the just the nicely kerned type and lovely layouts. True greatness, smacks you in the head and makes you turn around and take notice.


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